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Based on 709 reviews
Highly recommend

The Pro Table is beyond any table I’ve ever owned! Having a portable drop piece is a game changer. I was shocked at how lightweight it is. Chirolux did it again, this table is a must!

good for muscle recovery

My wife and I tried something similar to this at a cryo-therapy clinic and loved it. This one is similar in function. It fits both of us well (6 feet, 220 lbs, 5'11, 150 lbs) and definitely helps speed recovery after a hard leg-day. Compared to the one we demo-ed, it isn't quite as strong, but the other one cost 2 grand, so this is an excellent option. The heated knee thing is great compared to cheaper models that we also shopped.


All I can say is I have to fight my wife and sons for a session in this chair. They love it more than I do and I really love it. It makes me feel young again. Excellent excellent product.

Synca stands behind Warranty %100.

Love the compactness of this massage chair; small foot print and great massage. Now I can also say the company stands behind their product 100%. Ordered the chair in October 2019, had an issue with the chair making weird creaking noises in January, sent an short email describing the noise, and the chair was replaced! It took a couple weeks but I didn’t need to do anything like repack the chair or submit pics or provide a long testimonial. I simply stated the chair started making weird creaking noises like something was caught in the gears and the response was the chair would be replaced. The new chair was delivered and the old chair taken away. The local Synca guys were uber nice and super professional!!! Worry free purchase!!!

This chair is sooo good

I don't know how we lived without the daily unwind this chair performs for my wife and I. A very happy customer of this product. I'd give my dog away before I let this chair slip out of my hands. Price and performance meet to put you in a different state of mind. Hooked and will be a returning customer if we ever wear this chair out.

Great product

Item works well and is made well. I have multiple sclerosis and I bought these to help ease my leg pain. So far these are a huge relief. Easy to operate. I only have one issue, the tip of the toes are sewn together and don't know if I should separate or not. Other than that I recommend this product for anyone who suffers from aches and pains in the leg muscles

I love it

Love my new chair!! I can't recommend it enough, if you are still trying to decide... buy it, it is so worth it!

Professional Quality IMO

This really gets in there. I got it for my spouse who has a bad back. He really enjoys it, and I am so glad I purchased it. In my opinion, health is priceless and this is worth every penny

Better than expected

Got this for my wife and so far she loves it. We were both impressed with the initial quality and performance. Time will tell. Like other have said it would be nice to be able to save profiles but that was never promised. Setup was easier than expected (~2 hours from delivery to use) but I recommend passing on the manual and watching the video. All in all If this thing holds up it'll be one of our better purchases

It doesn’t use rollers to message it uses air to inflate and deflate the air bags.

I like it very much
I think people think it uses rollers to message you well it don’t it puts pressure on legs filling the air bags and then deflating them to bring blood into areas that feel bad.
I like this system because I can control the pressure and let me tell you it will squeeze your legs hard or soft I watch Tv put them on 30 min later done feels good on my feet legs a lot it helps me as for what you might like I’ll say this you will never know until you try.
Ps if you like lots of pressure tighten the Velcro straps more it will do the Job very easy to use.


I became familiar with this chair while in the waiting area at my chiropractors office. It was so cute! In the past, there was always a huge bulky massage chair which was not realistic for home use. When I tried the CirC chair, I was very impressed! It has a wide variety of settings, including heat. When I found out that this chair was so affordable, I ordered one for my mom for Christmas. She was delighted and I am too as we live together and both get to use it!

Great Purchase

The Mach IX is awesome. I’m fairly tall, 6’3”, and have had back issues for years. I go to a chiropractor once or twice a month. This chair takes the pain away. The stretch function is also a game changer. While I will probably still see my Chiropractor, I won’t need to see him as often. Additionally, the foot massage hits all the right spots. The overall interface on the screen remote is terrific, easy to use and it’s pretty cool. Overall I love the look of the chair and it resonates quality. The assembly wasn’t difficult, but the boxes are large. I would definitely recommend this chair.


I was pretty skeptical that such a small chair could actually be powerful but boy was I surprised. From the moment I sat in this chair I was in love. I have wanted a massage chair for a while but didnt want anything too big or bulky. This chair is the perfect size. Big enough to massage my entire back but compact enough to move if necessary. Love it!

Great for RLS!

I have RLS and it does help! I thought it would not have enough power but it does! I have only used it on low and it is enough. It is kinda like a blood pressure cuff but with different pulse settings. The heated knee pads are awesome since I have arthritis.


Doesnt even look like a massage chair, I wasnt even going to sit in it until my friend recommended I do. Love it.


I purchased this chair as a Christmas gift for my husband. He has always wanted a massage chair, but I always hated the look and huge footprint of all the full size chairs on the market. When I found this chair I thought it would be the perfect compromise! I love the compact size, and my husband loves the vigorous massage. The heating feature has been a welcomed bonus and adds to the relaxing effect! Everyone in the family and even our guests get use out of this chair.

Even better!!

It feels like a massage from a real therapist. Even Better!!

SO worth The Money

I bought this for my husband whose massages are no longer covered by his insurance. He was always active, a police officer, taught and participated in martial arts for years and also worked out for a few hours almost daily. I hoped the chair might help him. It is a godsend. I never would have guessed a piece of furniture would work so well. If you close your eyes, you would almost think you were getting a real massage. The customer service is phenomenal as well, we had a hard time attaching the footrest( Which is the only thing you have to attach yourself), they sent a technician so that we wouldn't mess it up. I am so happy I bought this.

Great chair and customer service

Love the small footprint, heat option, multiple settings, great price point. Best of all, when I had a problem with the on/off switch, the company replaced the whole chair - great customer service!


I have owned my CirC Chair for a year and absolutely LOVE it. I have it in a small space in our master bedroom in front of the TV and we use it daily. It is such a small footprint and you can fit it just about anywhere. It gives you a great massage and rejuvenates you after a stressful day. The only downside to it is it keeps the traffic flow high in our bedroom- the kids come in all too often to use it. There's NO better chair out there at this incredible price point. You will not regret buying this chair.


I could not be happier with my recent purchase of the Inner Balance Wellness - Jin Massage chair. Delivered via freight company - locally scheduled with them, easy - prompt and courteous deliveryman brought it onto the porch. Unpacking and the assembly process were simple enough. We put the whole thing together properly based without instructions. (two arms, and two shoulder level airbags attach to a main assembly for the seat/back and platform.) Later we realized a PDF Owners Manual was available. (Received a follow up using phone/text from distributor, and he quickly emailed the PDF owner guide to me) Super quality leather, all 9 presets are therapeutic. Highly recommended based on this shopping experience.


More comfortable and vigorous massage than I expected. Chair well designed, good quality and materials, and easy to use. Nice small footprint. Fairly comfortable to just sit in and read w/o massage. Lightweight and easy to move around. Easy to understand controller. So far, so good...pleased.

When I am stressed....



Good quality to price ratio, it looks good, is compact and does a good job in the areas it reaches. I only wish it did a better job in the upper back and neck areas but it works well on the middle and lower back regions. The chair has an overall nice feel to it.