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Based on 588 reviews
Five Stars

Love this table! I'm am short, but can manage transporting this table because of the carry bag and extra strap. My clients love the comfort and size. I find it a breeze to set up. Definitely worth the price.

Great table

Absolutely LOVE my ChiroLux Classic Table. It’s durable, portable, simplistic, and it looks great. The portability is my favorite feature. Being less than 20 lbs I can throw the back pack straps over my shoulders and trek with ease for as far as I need. I carried it nearly 2 miles one-way on my service trip to El Salvador with no extra effort, while my peers struggled to hand carry their “portable tables” and were exhausted by the time we arrived. The simplistic design and adjustable legs provide suitability for any Chiropractic or body-work technique. As a student, this table was a game changer! I literally take it everywhere. Their customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced and highly suggest ChiroLux products to anyone in the market. You’ve got a life long customer here, very well done!

Best looking massage chair

Best looking massage chair. I work in interior design, and I always want to get a massage chair, but most of them are just too old fashioned. Haven't tried the massage function yet, but it definitely looks good

Great, relaxing and addictive!!!!!

We bought this leg massager from Good Price World. These are very good people that know how to provide good customer service. We really love it. This thing is so powerful. It grabs your legs from both sides and moves up and down while squeezing your feet. It has heating fonction too. When done it leaves my rejuvenated. This is highly addictive. My wife and daughters also love it. Jeff did a good job helping us purchase and their technician Eric did a great job setting up. Very good people.

Best massaging device I've ever experienced!

I have been a weightlifting athlete for almost 10 years and I have accumulated lots of muscle soreness and knots due to my lack of stretching ( I know, but we have all been there. Who has time these days?). Anyway, I was reading different reviews to the TheraGun and other competitors, hyper volt, lifepro, etc and I found that theraguns reviews were a lot more compelling. I also was able to test out the hyper volt at my current gym and I found it to be hard to hold and target different muscle groups (especially on my shoulders and lower back).
I know that the $$ also was the highest, however the value behind the product outweighs the price. The theragun comes with a lot of different attachments ( I really enjoy the pointed one bc I get to dig into my thumb and forearms and ease the stress of typing on my laptop all day for work). The theragun is incredibly easy to use and I am able to hold it in ways that allow me to dig into muscles that I wouldn't normally reach or touch.

Definitely one of my best purchases of 2020 and I have gained some serious mobility in my hips because of the theragun!!!! I use it almost every day and I can tell that my muscles aren't as tight and stressed anymore. Yay!! :)

Five Stars

Took a little getting used to because I’m used to much softer pillow. Now I like the firmness of it and I can tell that it really supports my neck at night.

Five Stars

It’s about time ChiroLux made a massage table. As a collegiate athletic trainer. I needed a full sized table large enough for my largest athletes (Football Players). This is exactly that and then some! It’s the perfect size. It’s not too large and not to small! As Goldie Locks would way- ‘Just right!’

It arrived very well packaged

The Kahuna 3D Slim Beauty calf & Shiatsu Foot Massager is a well built machine that does exactly what it describes - gives your feet and calves a wonderful massage. It arrived very well packaged and was in perfect condition upon opening. The first time I used the massager I was overly enthusiastic about it. I sat on the couch and put my feet in and.....HEAVEN. Absolute paradise. I was enjoying it so much that I was sitting in it for whole 2 hour watching the movie. At least we now know that it performs well when using it for a long period of time.

It has several modes including heat and calf position which is great that it fits pretty well to anyone. It's just so great for those who have tired achy feet and calves. If you work at a place where you stand all day or you are on your feet all day then this massager would work wonders for you. There is an option for you to change speed and strength which is convenient, after 2 days of too much massage gave me sore legs but I still can use it with the less strength option and it will make my legs feels much better beside just letting my sore legs to heal it self.


Excellent massage chair.

My calves will forever be grateful

I’m an incredibly avid Jumproper - typically twice a day, 6 days a week. I used to foam roll as much as I could but I felt like I was never getting deep enough.

This thing is gets the job done and you can do it on your couch while you’re just relaxing. You can technically hear it, but I also wasn’t expecting it to be completely silent. Considering some of the videos I’ve see of other brands, this one seems to be the quietest for sure.

The shape is really cool and the head does rotate so you can pivot it to use in your most comfortable position. I found this really useful for my shoulders specifically.

The packaging is really nice too! It comes with two batteries, and a pack of 6 different attachment all in a case that you can take with you anywhere. Also make sure you use the app!!

Completely worth it as far as the price. Considering I’ll use this every night, the flexibility of this model is unmatched


Great product, it feels wonderfull.
Does a great job all around.
Talked to one of the employees of the company and he was very helpful.

Five Stars!

This ChiroLux table is NEXT LEVEL! I wish I had this when I was a student!! The game is now changed for screening events and adjusting wherever! Much gratitude to ChiroLux!

Five Stars

Very good!

Great little chair

Far exceeded expectations. I was just looking for a small chair that would fit in my apartment when I stumbled across this bad boy. It came pretty much fully assembled. All I had to do was lug it up a few flights of stairs and plug it in. It it somewhat small, so I wouldn't buy if you have a larger butt. Excellent massage and better looking than the picture!

It's great BUT too few speed settings

The high quality of the Theragun cannot be disputed. However, I cannot overstate this enough, the fact that there are only 5 speed settings and they're ALL TOO STRONG is just asinine in design. That means your use is very limited and lately too often I found that I cannot use it at all because the part I want to use it on hurts even at the lowest speed setting which is just dumb. I say this because I had another one that had 20 speed settings and I am returning my Theragun for something that is 25% of the cost, does the exact same thing, and offers more speed settings.


I totally love the way it folds so I can reach in areas I normally can't. Now that we are working from home, I sit all day. My lower back, thighs and shoulders become very sore. This massager has been my body savior. Totally worth the price. Highly recommended.

Highly recommend

Absolutely IN LOVE with my new ChiroLux Pro Table. I used to have the Plus Table but as soon as I saw this new drop table I couldn’t help myself. After working on it and testing it out the drop mechanism is solid, crisp and comfortable. If you are on the fence- I HIGHLY recommend the investment!


Great product and quality exceptional. Synca was very helpful and professional solving my issue. Thank you Synca for standing by your product and your professionalism. Very satisfied customer.

Four Stars

if the heater temperature can be configurable, i will give 5 stars.

Powerful and quiet

When they say PRO- they really mean it.
- I've just started using it, and the power of this thing is really impressive, even at the lower settings, which is really helpful with really tight knots.
- There's a good amount of noise when using it, but not too much at least for me (don't know how it compares with earlier models).

Really comforting after a long day on your feet. ...

Really comforting after a long day on your feet. The heat as well as the massaging action are adjustable and can be programmed as desired. A little on the expensive side, but it definitely works well.


Easy to use, and immediate result can be felt after use. I brought it to my office, so I can use it on myself while working. Bragged about how good of an investment it is. My boss and a co-work asked to try it on them, and after a few minutes not only they were convinced, but they also ASKED me for its' information so they can ORDER it online for themselves. I wish I had known about this axlong time ago.

Great way to start my day

The only reason it isn't getting 5 stars is because I wish that the chair was longer and got higher up my back. Other than that, it is wonderful.

Five Stars

Great product. Well thought out.

Very good quality

Strong, Sturdy and surprisingly light weight. It was just what I was looking for as a mobile massage therapist!