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Fall Sale! Save Big Today | Free Shipping Nationwide

Nubis Warranty

1. Warranty:

● The warranty period for NubisPro is 2 years, except for the upholstery, which is 1 year. The warranty starts with the day of Purchase.

● Should any repairs be necessary during warranty period, the customer must inform Airfun d.o.o. or your local dealer. The warranty must be verified by purchase invoice.

● The warranty obligates AIrfun d.o.o. to carry the costs of repair of components which might fail during normal use inside the warranty period.

● Warranty is not applicable for defects or poor performance in following cases:

• In the event of customer’s improper use or neglect of NubisPro; • If customer doesn’t follow requirements and recommendations of this User manual;

• If any modifications or repairs are carried out by non-qualified service personnel, unauthorized by the manufacturer.

2. Product life expectance and repairs:

● This product’s expected life is estimated to be 5 years.

● Repair and spare parts are available during life expectance, so 5 years from the date of purchase.

● Any repairs must always be performed by Airfun d.o.o. or any of its authorized technicians from local dealers.

3. Product liability: The manufacturer or its suppliers or resellers cannot be liable for any consequences incurred by the user, the patient or the product itself as a result of improper use of the product, wrong interpretation or non-observance of this user manual, repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel.